Memorable Commencement Speeches

There’s only one speech throughout all of my education that I can remember clearly — my high school commencement speech. I had expected graduation to be a boring affair, and, for the most part, it was. But when our class president got up on stage, she gave a commencement speech that truly had it all. I was completely engaged the whole time, even laughing as she cracked a few jokes that only the graduating seniors would get. And when it was over, I felt as though I was better prepared for wherever......

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Winning Applications’ Recent Road Trip

Last week our consultant traveled 1,500 miles, meeting with admissions officers and touring colleges, including (in alphabetical order) Allegheny College, Case Western, Kent State, and Susquehanna. Some interesting facts she learned along the way: – At Allegheny, every student declares a major AND a minor, leading to some interesting and unusual combinations. – Case Western has a “single access” admissions policy so students can take classes in any program or field of study; there are no barriers to entry for engineering, business, nursing, etc. – Kent State has more students (23,000) on......

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University of Arizona visits Winning Applications

We had a visit from a University of Arizona admissions officer last week and she filled us in on these five facts about the school. Thanks for coming to see us #uaadmissions! 1. U of A is ranked in the top 19% ROI among all universities nationwide (Payscale 2015). 2. US News & World Report ranked U of A in the top 10 of Entrepreneurship programs among public universities (2015). 3.The Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center helps students manage their learning and attention challenges. 4. American Airlines is launching nonstop Tucson-New......

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