“Our first-choice admit rate over the last five years is 80%!”



``Thank you for always being there to help me deal with the stress of college applications and for dealing with my mom.``

``I realize this note is a little late, but it still has not hit me! If not for you, I probably wouldn’t have finished my applications until Christmas, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you pushed me. I feel like I could not have done this without you because my dad alone would have driven me crazy! I am going to the perfect school for me, all thanks to you.``

``(Our daughter) was accepted at Yale last night. Elation is a word that does not adequately describe the feelings in our house today! Most importantly, I wanted to convey my sincerest thanks to you from our family.``

``Working at an independent school and involved in the ``next school`` placement process with my students, I thought I could assist my own daughter through the college application process without a problem. By the beginning of her junior year, I realized what an overwhelming task the process is from a parent perspective. The staff at Winning Applications supported my daughter throughout the process in ways that, as a parent, I simply could not. What particularly impressed me was the clear, quick, supportive way the staff guided my daughter through the revision process of her essays. Most of this work was done online and over the phone, and my daughter felt that the comments were thoughtful and extremely helpful. I want to thank Winning Applications for turning what could have been a treacherous and anxiety-ridden journey into a real process of self-discovery, productive dialogue between my daughter and me and, finally, successful placement into the college of her choice. Thanks so much for your help.``

``Thank you for your extraordinary work with our twins. It is such a gift to our whole family to be done!!!! We had a great Christmas with the twins, who held it together long enough to make high honors and now are truly enjoying senior year. Thank you!``

``Thank you again for all your help. It made the process much less stressful.``

``First, let me say thank you for all you did to help. You kept Sarah on target, focused and motivated, which is not always easy, especially with a high school senior.``

``Thank you for (speaking to our group). I learned with your help how to fill out a college application. I enjoyed the one-on-one help you gave me with the sample application. Thank you so much for your time.``

``Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with our family. Your services were invaluable for many reasons, not the least of which is that advice doesn’t flow easily from parent to teen.``

``Thank you so much for helping (our daughter) with her college essays and giving her direction. She seems to be on the right track…``

``Thanks for all of your help. Please feel free to use us as references.``

``Thank you for coming to our meeting and introducing us to the college planning process.``

``In case you have not heard from Kelly, she was accepted by Wesleyan. You should know that she thinks you are a miracle worker – and so do we. Thanks for all your help.``

``We cannot thank you enough for your help in enabling our daughter to make a decision she feels great about. I have told many people about your process and all of the help you have provided us during our year together.``

``I can't thank you enough for all of your guidance and advice throughout the college process and I am glad that everything has finally worked out in the end.``

``You were a great help to me when I was just going in blind to the process. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends who are applying to college next year.``

``We really enjoyed working with you and appreciated your guidance and input on the essays! You helped our daughter be a strong candidate, despite a bumpy academic record. We found your straightforward approach great and you were quick to answer any questions we had. Your help made a huge difference in how we approached the college process.``

``Thank you so much for your coaching, guidance and support. We are thrilled! Thanks again for your partnership throughout the process!``

``This journey to higher education has been an incredible ride for our family, one we are grateful to have been able to share with you. Your guidance and knowledge has been beyond valuable to us. Your patience, ability to ``get`` our son and the sheer mass of wisdom you have bestowed upon us is greatly appreciated.``

``Thank you so much for your help throughout everything! I am glad we had you with us the whole way through!``

``We really enjoyed working with you and you were a tremendous help with all your insight into the various schools. Your input on the essays was extremely valuable.``

``Thank you so very much for helping all three of our kids through the college process. Your calm, patience and unique ability of helping them to distinguish themselves amongst their peers are the reasons all three were accepted by their early action schools.``

``Thank you so much for your help with my essays. My application was due; I was stuck and you immediately took charge and refocused me on what is really important to include.``

``You made the process incredibly fun! I will miss our brainstorming/essay writing sessions! Thank you so much!``