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Winning Applications Classes

We offer small group classes for students who need help with their college applications.

Classes begin in Summer 2017. For more information and pricing, contact us.

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We will discuss the entire process (including timing), debunk rumors and answer questions.

We will create a detailed school list based on students' grades, test scores and school list diagnostics that we provide.

We will help students create resumes that successfully showcase their achievements (including work, sports, community service, etc.) throughout high school. This will make the Common Application much easier to complete.

Through a series of questions and scenarios we provide, we will help students come up with a few strong essay topics for the long and supplemental essays. We will also discuss essay do's and don'ts.

Once students have completed the first draft of the long essay, we will provide feedback.

The Common Application is an important part of the admissions process and is tedious to complete. We will work with students to ensure their achievements standout.

Role-playing with our interview experts will help prepare students for alumni or on-campus interviews."